Our very first Blog!

At last mmm! Coffee has arrived in the wild, wacky and slightly bewildering world of blogness.  Thanks again to the lovely ladies at Athena Web Designs for sorting the whole thing and giving me some ‘idiots guide to blogging training’! They are an invaluable part of my support team, couldn’t work without them!

Anyway  enough of the thank you’s (rather like an award ceremony) let’s get on with it.   So, my plan is to  write blogs about the various elements of my business i.e  the Franchising project, events and bookings as well as some interesting facts and tips around making coffees, milkshakes and hot chocolate …. we have had lots of practice I can assure you!

I really hope you enjoy it and please do free to comment and join in.

Just to finish, here is fascinating coffee fact…  Why do coffee shop baristas say the “pull” espresso shots?  The term comes from the early espresso machines that required the barista to pull down a lever to pour the shot..there, now you’ve learned something!

Just the job on a rainy Sunday morning