Our Story

Coffee VanHi! I’m Maree the Founder of mmm! Drinks Co.

Having successfully managed and developed a Family Support Charity in Kent, my family and I relocated to Gloucestershire in 2011. After the move, I decided that I would like to work for myself. I looked at opening a coffee shop or a ‘coffee round’ but felt that the daily and hourly commitment did not fit with the lifestyle that I was aiming for. Therefore, I began to look into the outdoor events industry.

I was tired of drinking awful coffee at outdoor events – why shouldn’t you be able to get really good espresso based coffees in the middle of a field!? Well, if you don’t like something change it, and that is exactly what I did.

I now have a dedicated team who are helping me to achieve my aim to provide excellent tasting coffee at both outdoor and indoor events near and far!

About mmm! Drinks Co.

You name an event and we are there be it a county show, sporting occasion, car boot sale, private party, corporate fun day, business show or promotional day.

We offer a professional but fun service and pride ourselves in having developed a truly unique, smart and eye-catching brand.

Whilst coffee is our signature drink we are also experts in the supply of a full range of other hot and cold beverages as well a selection of snacks such as cakes, biscuits and bacon rolls.

Our seasonal products include thick milkshakes (made with ice cream) and a range of luxury hot chocolate for the colder months. mmm!

Our service is very flexible and tailored around our clients’ needs, we can serve drinks straight from our fully equipped van or we can offer a full café service both out and indoors.

What is Great About mmm! Drinks Co.?

We offer a unique, flexible, reliable and high quality service that can be adapted to the clients’ requirements.

We use gorgeous coffee! After much research we found our dream coffee supplier who has created amazing espresso blend for us. It is truly the best we have tasted, this ensures consistency and freshness in every cup.

We work with great people. mmm! Drinks Co. is not just about offering fantastic products; it is also about the people who serve them. Our team is managed and trained by excellent coffee professionals; this is coupled with top of the range espresso machines and coffee grinders.