Confused By Coffee? Not anymore..

You walk into your local coffee shop and look up at the colossal, and rather overwhelming!, menu behind the counter, which lists a range of baffling coffee names that you have probably never heard of, becuase you are confused by coffee.

Speech Bubbles

You are then served something weak, thin, insipid and lukewarm chucked into a cup and  even worse a cup of bitter, strong, eye-popping boiling coffee. How disappointing is that!

We are here to help you find the right coffee for you so that next time you go into a coffee shop you will know what you want and how you like it.

Take our quiz below to discover your coffee match…

1) What strength do you like your coffee to be?

  • A) Weak
  • B) Medium
  • C) Strong

2) Do you like a lot of caffeine?

  • A) Not too much
  • B) I don’t mind some caffeine
  • C) Yes lots!

3) Do you like a milky coffee?

  • A) Yes the milkier the better
  • B) I like a bit of milk
  • C) No thanks!

4) Do you like your coffee to be flavoured (for example with chocolate)?

  • A) Yes I do, I like sweet coffee
  • B) I do like a little sugar but not oversweet
  • C) No sugar at all thank you

5) Do you like a big cup of coffee?

  • A) Yes I always ask for a large!
  • B) I usually want a medium size coffee, not a bucket!
  • C) I just like a short strong coffee

6) Do you like cream on your coffee?

  • A) Oh yes please!
  • B) mmm… maybe just a little
  • C) Oh gosh no thanks!

If you answered mainly A’s

The coffee for you is a latte; ask them to make it not too strong. Sounds like you might like your coffee sweet too, then try a coffee syrup. There are so many syrups to choose from depending on your taste; at mmm! Coffee we find the current favourites are either Toasted Marshmallow or Salted Caramel. Topped with whipped cream… why not!


If you like coffee and chocolate together, then ask for a mocha maybe with whipped cream on it too – a partnership made in heaven!

If you answered mainly B’s

Then we would recommend either a cappuccino or flat white. These are shorter and more punchy coffees with less milk. Again why not try a coffee syrup, vanilla or hazelnut are lovely in these coffees.


If you answered mainly C’s

So you like it dark and strong, good for you! Then ask for an Americano or a short Americano for a stronger coffee or even a mind blowing double Espresso or Lungo (slightly longer double espresso).

Black Americano

Our favourite here at mmm! Coffee control room is a Cortado, very much like a flat white but with even less milk (about the same amount of milk as coffee) , why, because it’s Yum and double YUM!

We hope via this article you are no longer confused by coffee.


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