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Smart vending machines or watch the barista style process




2020 is seeing an expansion into the what is being viewed as the unmanned retail network with smart vending machines .


As a result I’d like to hear your point of view on what we see as a loving to watch the barista process style rather than a smart vending machine.

Because watching a stream of liquid pouring from a robotic machine into the cup just doesn’t cut it.

Which doesnt ask you how your day is going or what a lovely doggy you have with you. Or even you look lovely today.

Current models from the likes of Luckin, Douwe Egberts are hitting the streets .In office buildings, bus terminals, airports and on college campuses and other locations.

At the end of 2019, Luckin Coffee had 4,507 self-operated stores globally.

Whilst at mmm!Coffee we rely on tech to work for us we remain sceptical or we may even have to get on board with the trend and get our branded coffee to you via a machine.

We do love a Tamp & Grind.


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 plug for our roasters, we love to use local businesses.