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Two thirds of consumers now own a reusable coffee cup…


Two thirds of consumers now own a reusable coffee cup – but just one in six remembers to use it every time they buy a hot drink, a poll suggests.

Its more than likely you are buying more than four takeaway coffees yourself a week. Some of you will have a reuseable cup, however the survey says that mostly you will forget and leave them home. Another reason cited is that your’e too afraid or feel uncomfortable asking a barista to wash out or refill them.

At mmm! Coffee Towers we have always washed out and refilled customers cups without even asking them, we think its a part of what we do to give back a freshly cleaned and filled cup with a hot brew.


In fact we actively encourage customers to use their own mug or cup and equally they do ask if we can at our events.If everyone did this it is estimated that  we could cut the use of paper cups by 150 million cups each year. Currently in the UK 3 Billion takeaway cups are used annually.

Huey Morgan from the Fun Lovin Criminals said getting behind a campaign he’s involved with: “Helping rid the planet of unnecessary plastic and single use coffee cups is something I feel really strongly about. My kids are always talking about it, so I was very inspired to get involved.”.

At mmm! Coffee Towers we urge you to join us and bring your own  refillable cups to events you see us at.



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