Christmas Blog

Are you still looking for a Christmas present for the coffee lover in your life – or is that in fact, you!

We have been having a scout around and found some FAB ideas coffee – have a look at these ideas.

Christmas Coffee

This is just so cute! Keep your cafetiere nice and cosy in the lovely knitted jacket! We love this.

Christmas Sign


Enough said, what else is there to need?

Christmas Sign

Here here! We like this simple but fab picture.

Christmas Stamp

We also really like these, we have ordered some for our baristas to use , with mmm! on them. You can get them made with your name.

Christmas Cookies

OOO lovely, coffee bean massage soap. Drink coffee and rub it in too!

Coffee T-Shirt

We really liked this Tee Shirt!

All of these items we found on the website – type in coffee and see what they do. Some lovely things.