Are you thinking of dusting off your winter coat yet, eyeing up your winter boots or favourite jumper?  Is the heating on the evening yet?  Then WOOHOO happy days,  hot chocolate season is nearly here for you guys at home!

For us at mmm! Coffee hot chocolate is a firm favourite throughout the whole year, well why wouldn’t it be when ours is soooo gorgeous, if we say so ourselves.

We have spent the last few years fine tuning the art of making luxurious thick hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream and marshmallows at all our events.  One young lady emailed me and said she had been on holiday ‘up north’ and tried hot chocolate wherever she went and couldn’t find one as nice as ours. SWEET!

To make our hot chocolate so irresistible we use a smooth, rich and luxurious drinking chocolate, which naturally thickens when made with milk (not that horrible stuff you mix with water and are served at some places YUK!).   In our humble opinion,  ours  is by far one of the best on the market. We blend the chocolate in the jug with the milk which enhances the froth and instantly thickens to create a creamy frothy drinking chocolate.

We also top the hot chocolate with whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate sauce – DIVINE!

Now, some people like to go that extra mile and add flavoured syrup to their hot chocolate. (Just in case it is not sweet enough!)  So we offer a wide range of syrups that blend beautifully with the chocolate and appeal to all tastes.  So can we tempt with you with:-

Coconut Syrup  this makes a wonderful ‘Bounty’ style hot chocolate which we top with cream, coconut shavings and chocolate chips OH MY DAYS!

Salted Caramel  a rich buttery caramel flavour begins this caramel chocolate experience…and then just when you thought that was it BHAM the saltiness appears.  To die for!

Toasted Marshmallow mmm! Campfires, fireworks, Halloween, wrapped up all nice and toasty, goes so nicely with the chocolate and cream

Hazelnut   oh Ambassador you spoilt us!    Toasty and sweet, why save it for those little chocolates when you can have a melted one!

Peanut Butter  WHAT!? I hear you say, peanut butter hot chocolate?  But hang on there – think of those chocolate peanut butter cup thingies … now you like the idea don’t you!

Mint  Think of After Eight Mints in a cup…delish and with cream and marshmallows, what on earth is not to like for goodness sake.

Ok,  so that is all well and good when you have amazing kit on board and are as highly skilled as we are (!)  but how do you make this at home I hear you ask.  Well fear not mmm! Coffee to the rescue.  Here are a couple of recipes you can make at home without buying a £4000 espresso machine!

So head for the shops and buy or rummage in the cupboard and find:-

  • Bar of plain/bittersweet chocolate  (150g)
  • Bar milk chocolate  (150g)
  • Milk
  • Cream (oh go on then, just this once!)
  • Cornflour (eh?, yes cornflour)

Parisian Hot Chocolate

Now this really is SPECIAL and one for the real chocoholics, Chocolate Chaud.  Just picture yourself sitting outside a Parisian café sipping this deeply luxurious rich chocolate drink as you watch the world go by, or maybe just snuggle up on the sofa in your onesie, whatever is fine.  Well worth making and will make you go…. mmm!

Parisian Hot Chocolate

So, what you do is put half litre milk in a pan and bring it almost to the boil.  Add a packet (150g) of plain bittersweet chocolate and whisk/mix it in until it is melted.  If you want you can keep simmering it for about 3 mins and it will be even thicker and richer.  Then you can add either some brown sugar or syrup.

This is actually better if you make it a few hours ahead and let it cool and reheat it…. It seems to enhance the flavour and texture.   Go on try a bit of Frenchness, you might love it!

Spanish Hot Chocolate

Spanish Hot Chocolate

Ok here’s another recipe for you.  This is the thick hot chocolate you often get in Spain, thick enough to stand your churro in!

Pour half litre milk into a medium saucepan and add the half tsp cornflour, then whisk like crazy to dissolve the cornflour. Once the cornflour is dissolved, heat the milk on medium heat just until it boils and thickens,  then remove from heat. Chuck in 150g chocolate (plain or milk, whichever you prefer) and begin stirring until the chocolate is completely melted.  Then put it in a cup and drink it…. Heavenly loveliness in a cup.  Esplendido El chocolate!

So there you go, how we do it and how you can do it, let me know how you get on!  Oh yes, do let me know if you have any suggestions or favourite flavours yourself.


Hot Chocolate