Sterling Integrity Business Show

We caught up with Tracey Davis from the Sterling Integrity Business Show to get her feedback on our service at a recent event that they hosted.

Tell us a bit about the indoor event that you hosted

The business show was in Oxford. All of our business shows use a unique combination of quality delegates and exhibitors in which we bring together through marketing, networking, seminars and showcasing. Ultimately, our aim is for people to make great business connections. Mmm! Coffee provided the coffees and teas for the delegates. We have also invited them to attend 3 more of our business shows this year.

Why did you choose to use mmm! Coffee?

They were very highly recommended to us for service and of course really great coffee. After speaking with Maree I knew straight away that they were the right company for us.

What were your thoughts on the presentation of mmm! Coffee(e.g. their stand)?

We love their stand, they arrive into an empty space and in no time at all it looks amazing, like a real coffee shop. They actually bring a real coffee machine, our customers love it!

What kind of service did mmm! Coffee offer to your guests?

Professional, fantastic with smiley faces all day long.

What did you think about their customer service?

No complaints there and we did have lots of good feedback by bringing them into the show.

What did you think about the selection of products on offer?

All of the products that they offer are like walking into a high street coffee shop BUT just much better!

What type of feedback did you receive from guests?

The feedback was only ever very good, people loved the service that was on offer.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking of using mmm! Coffee?

We would say do it, pick up the phone and talk to Maree and her team because they are one of the most helpful suppliers we have worked with… oh and the coffee really is good!