Mobile Coffee Vans for UK Indoor and Outdoor Events

Mobile Coffee Van

Are you planning to hold an outdoor or indoor event? Let your guests indulge in our luxury range of coffees, teas, luxury hot chocolate, thick ice-cream milkshakes, cold drinks and mouth-watering treats!

Our mobile catering service is ideal for corporate events, film and TV production shoots, parties, firework displays, country shows, fairs and much more.

Our hot drink vans can be used independently or alongside one of our top of the range gazebos, which are also ideal to be used with our indoor barista service.

mmm! Coffee

Our extensive coffee range is created using the finest quality Calico Espresso Coffee Beans which caters for all tastes. Our highly trained and experienced baristas are ready to serve you and your guests a gorgeous cappuccino, latte, flat white, americano, mocha, espresso and cortado to order from one of our mobile coffee vans. We appreciate that most people are quite particular about their coffee so we ensure that we make it just the way they like it, strong or not so strong, hot or not so hot, decaffeinated or maybe made with soya milk. We also have a wide range of coffee syrups offering the full ‘coffee shop’ experience’ wherever we serve our coffee.

mmm! Hot Chocolate

The mmm! Drinks Co. team have spent the last few years fine tuning the art of making luxurious thick hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate sauce – perfect for any winter event! Read more >

mmm! Milkshakes

We also make the most amazing thick ice-cream milkshakes in many flavours all topped with whipped cream, sprinkles and syrups. We have also developed a wide range of iced coffees and frappes to suit all tastes and to cool you down!

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